The Comforts of Home

Allison first flightOur daughter Allison has been traveling since she was 4 weeks old. (A trip from home in Redmond, WA to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC to see Staff Sergeant Daddy become Gunny Daddy). She’s a good little traveler–doesn’t cry on airplanes and is always excited to go new places and try new things. But since turning 4 last June we’ve noticed that after about a week on the road she starts to get homesick. She misses her school and friends and toys.

Since this trip will be 26 days, we’re going to hit that homesick point pretty early on. So here’s what we’re doing to help her feel at home whether we’re sleeping at Grandma’s house in Florida, a wigwam in Arizona or a hotel at Disneyland.

Familiar Bed

Allison loves the Tinker Bell sleeping bag she uses at Daddy’s house, so it’s going with us, along with her Sofia the First pillowcase. They don’t take up much space and she can have her snuggly, cozy bed wherever we go.


Familiar Sounds

At home she falls asleep to the sounds of the ocean. It’s soothing and functions as white noise–blocking out random sounds that might otherwise wake you up. It might be a lifesaver during our night in New Orleans.

sound machineFamiliar Friends

We told her she can bring two snuggle friends (as they are called at pre-school) on the trip. Pluto is going for sure, and the second spot changes daily. Sometimes hourly. She’s got less than two weeks to make the final decision.


Hopefully by bringing her comfort zone with us, Allison will stay happier longer.


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