The Bag of Holding

One of the things that bugs me about traveling is the toiletries situation. When I used to gallivant around covering events for Xbox, I would have liked to limit myself to a carry-on bag. But when you’re doing video work, you need a lot more make-up and hair products than you can shove into a sandwich bag. Since leaving that life behind I don’t have that problem. Or I didn’t, until now. It’s not that I’m planning to try and look good on the Victory Lap, but more that on a trip of this length I’m gonna need more stuff. And just making do with hotel soap isn’t going to cut it.

photo (28)

So I hit on the idea to consolidate the family toiletries into one bag that we can haul into whatever hotel we’re staying in each night. I looked around for something that could withstand spills and also hold all the toiletries plus sunscreen, bandages, children’s fever meds, and a supply of my daughter’s “froggie wipes”. It’s gotta contain my special shampoo for color-treated hair, collection of anti-frizz products and posse of lotions for my dry dry skin. And Dana’s shaving junk and toothbrush. Plus Allison has sensitive skin and needs her no-tears shampoo and weird candy-flavored toothpaste. Whew!

photo (31)

My original idea was a soft-sided cooler, like you’d take on a picnic. I roamed the aisles at Target and couldn’t find such a thing, but I did find….a diaper bag! Which turned out to be perfect because it’s wipe-downable and has a zillion pockets. got a cool Eddie Bauer one that doesn’t really look like a diaper bag at all.  I just removed the changing pad, stuffed it full of our things and shipped it to Dana. Now, I don’t have to worry about packing all that stuff!



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