Day Two – Raleigh, NC to Savannah, GA

Today’s leg of the Victory Lap took us 322 miles further south, most of it on I-95. What was supposed to take 4 1/2 hours took 7 1/2 due to inexplicable slow downs and dead stops on that piece of crap road that is now my mortal enemy.

Day 2 Raleigh to Savannah

I drove the first stretch of road. Glare on the iPad from the back window made it impossible for Allison to watch her videos, so we played “I’m Thinking Of” for awhile. It’s a little-kid hybrid of I Spy and 20 Questions. Here’s an example:

Me: I’m thinking of an animal with four legs and a long tail.

Allison: Um… a horsie!

Me: And it says “meow meow”

Allison: A kitty!

photo (9)

Not asleep, but greatly displeased.

This game is good for ten or fifteen minutes until Allison starts cheating. She likes to make sure Daddy wins.

After that game dried up and Allison started to pout, Dana downloaded a Junie B Jones book on Audible and she very happily listened to Junie B’s adventures on the Stupid Smelly Bus. All was well until my contact lens decided to wage war against my cornea.


Apparently SC is NC’s sluttier sister. As soon as you cross the border it’s porn and fireworks for everyone!

We crossed into South Carolina with eye juice streaming from my left orb and Dana holding the offending lens on his fingertip. We stopped for eye fixing/lunch in Dillon, SC. Though we’d agreed to limit the fast food on this trip, the traffic had hosed us so much we really needed to let Allison run around for a while and McDonald’s had a little playground.

Back in the car, Dana drove and by this time the angle of the sun allowed Allison to watch Dora and Doc McStuffins on her iPad (with headphones) while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a few more chapters of Kristen Bell reading the new Veronica Mars novel The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.

About halfway through South Carolina we made a pit stop at a rest area near Santee. We invented some games designed to expend little girl energy including Race Daddy in a Loop Around Mommy and That Tree Three Times, and Can You Find Ten Pine Cones and Pile Them Up Way Over There?

photo (7)

Back in the car we found more traffic, more aggravation, lots of boredom. We were so bored we laughed our asses off at the names of South Carolina rivers Little Pee Dee and Coosawhatchie. I mean, wouldn’t you? It was my job to take the Breaching the Georgia Border Photo and this unintentional selfie describes our day perfectly.

photo (8)


photo (10)

We did eventually make it to Savannah and our hotel for the night. I’m not sure how sitting all day is so exhausting, but we were too spent to do anything but order room service and watch Pacific Rim.

Dana’s favorite part of the day: “Getting to the hotel.”

Allison’s favorite part of the day: Ottoman surfing (video).

My favorite part? Coosawhatchie!!



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5 thoughts on “Day Two – Raleigh, NC to Savannah, GA

  1. Ive done this drive from DC to Orlando after we got trapped due to Sandy and that is a boring stretch of road LOL – hope you have time to do a little sight seeing in Savannah it is a beautiful city!

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