Day Three – Savannah, GA to Melbourne, FL

Here’s the route we drove today. 315 miles south on I-95.

Day 3 Savannah to Melbourne

After yesterday’s long delays, this is pretty much how we all felt this morning.

photo (14)

You want me to get back in the car?

But, we had breakfast and loaded everything back in the car and hit the road by 10 a.m. We saw nothing of Savannah except a beautiful blue sky. Today we had much better luck with traffic, contact lenses and temper tantrums.

We listened to a second Junie B Jones audiobook.

junie monkey

Snoozed a bit.

photo (15)

Crossed the Florida border.

photo (11)

Stopped off to check out some baby alligators at a Florida Citrus Center and Souvenir World.





And engaged in a little family road trip singalong. Can you spot the differences in these two photos?

Let it Go National-Lampoons-Vacation-e1362095010677

We enjoyed the beautiful Florida skies and palm trees near Daytona Beach.

photo (16)

And then we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Charter’s house in Melbourne, and within fifteen minutes were in the pool. It was a good day!

Gpa pool


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