Day Four – Kennedy Space Center

Today wasn’t a travel day, so we got to enjoy some of the benefits of Florida. First up was the Kennedy Space Center, just 30 minutes away from Grandma and Grandpa Charter’s house. Allison did NOT want to go. She wanted to spend the day with Grandma and the swimming pool. We promised her we would be back in time to swim and she reluctantly agreed to submit to the trip.

First we explored the Early Space Exploration exhibit.

Mercury 8

Mercury 8

photo (19)

Charters on the moon!

photo (18)

Mercury Mission Control. Allison really REALLY wanted to get in there and push buttons.

Allison spent a while in the Play Dome and then we had lunch and did some serious damage in the gift shop.

If she becomes an astronaut someday, this picture will be GOLD.

If she becomes an astronaut someday, this picture will be GOLD.

A power nap (with Space Snoopy) on the way back to Grandma and Grandpa’s…


…and back in the pool.

photo (22)

We nearly got to see a launch from the Charter Senior’s pool, but it got scrubbed at the last minute. A helium leak, apparently. We managed to remove the child from the water long enough to go out for a wonderful meal at–wait for it–Squid Lips. Stupid name, but awesome view and great food. I had lobster-crab cake and Dana had Cajun bacon-wrapped scallops. Then we shared a slice of Key Lime pie.

squid lips deck

Gotta say, Florida’s been treating us right.

Dana’s favorite part of the day was dinner with family.

Allison’s favorite part was swimming with Daddy.

My favorite was this picture.

I don't even...

I don’t even…



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