Day Six: EPCOT and Epic Meltdowns

Day six started off with a meltdown of epic proportions and not surprisingly it came from one Allison. For weeks, we have all been excited about the character breakfast at Hollywood and Vine in Disney Hollywood Studios, but when it was time to go, it all came to a screeching (screaming and crying?) halt. It seems that Allison did not want anything to do with Princess Sofia, Jake the Pirate, Doc McStuffins, or Handy Manny. In fact, she insisted on sitting away from where they were, and would bury her head in her arms whenever they came near. This was the compromise we settled on after she originally climbed under the table to hide from them. Things had definitely taken a turn for the worse. Even getting her to eat was a nightmare. She was so traumatized seeing her shows come to life that she couldn’t decide on things to eat. Almost everything we brought to her she turned away with the exception of bacon (is there anything that this doesn’t cure?) and tater tots.

Allison breaking down at the character breakfast.

Allison breaking down at the character breakfast.

After this little bit of adventure, we hit a store looking for some sweatpants that Allie could wear under her Princess Sofia dress because it was still a bit chilly outside, but there were none to be found in the store we checked out. But Christa found herself a nice set of Evil Queen Mickey Ears while Allison found a Wizard Mickey Hat set of ears. We picked up a new cell phone case for Christa, a cloth cover for Allison’s Magic Band (it was irritating her arm a little), and then Daddy went off to hit his favorite ride, Star Tours!

Christa and Evil Queen Ears

Christa and Evil Queen Ears


Star Tours is the Star Wars themed ride that has been greatly enhanced from when it was first introduced. Several different segments come at you randomly so that it will almost never be the same ride twice. And it didn’t disappoint at all, with several segments I hadn’t seen before. I got in and out in less than 10 minutes. Perfect timing! When I came out, I found Allie and Christa sitting at a table. The Jedi Training Program was beginning, which captured Allie’s interest. The wait time was so short for Star Tours that Christa told me to go back a second time!!! Is it any wonder I love this woman!? When I came out, I grabbed Allie and let her make her own light saber, which she used to almost immediately take the hand off one of the casts members who tried to high five her. I think I have my dark sith apprentice now. Mwah ha ha ha!

After a quick break back in the room for a refresher and some real breakfast for Allison (chocky cereal), we went off EPCOT. It was the first time for any of us which seemed to have everybody excited. There was a good omen for us as we got out of the car and we had a sun halo! Yay! And then we went to go on the Nemo and Friends ride for Allison, and she broke down. Again. She was afraid she would get wet, even after we told her several times that it wasn’t gong to happen. This required some Daddy carrying in order to get her all the way to the ride.  Where she broke down again while on the ride after we told her to quit asking if she was getting wet. What is with this girl?!? Spent two days in a pool, and the first day at Disney World in a rainstorm, and she is worried about a little squirt of water from a ride?

2014-04-16 13.06.46

Partial sun halo at EPCOT

Now it was time to go around the world! We were mainly looking forward to France and Japan, but wanted to see what they had done for the different regions too. In France we stopped for some a sandwich and pastries for our lunch (delicious) before continuing on. The store in the Japan section of the World Showcase was amazing with a large selection of different Japanese products, from traditional to pop. Something that caught me off guard was during check out. Instinct took over as we were checking out and the cashier said “arigatou gozaimasu” and I responded in kind. It’s been over 10 years since I have been to Japan, but I was able to answer without a second thought. Crazy.

After finishing our loop around the showcase, we told Allison she could play in Mike and Sully’s Play Park. After 3o minutes of this, me and Christa had a plan of attack for two quick rides before heading to dinner back at the hotel. However, Allison had different plans as she, you guessed it, broke down once again, and refused to go on any rides. Sigh…. So we went home for a quick rest, and then dinner, and now a Disney movie in the hotel. Such is life.

Allison with Mike and Sully.

Allison with Mike and Sully.


Daddy’s favorite moment: Star Tours, twice.

Allison’s favorite moment: “All the stuff today”

Christa’s favorite moment: French pastries


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