Day Seven – Parades, Princesses and Chicken Eggs

For our last day at Disney World we slept late and lounged around awhile. Dana taught Allison some wrestling moves and she chased him with her new light saber (“I cut Daddy in half!”)


Allison gets Daddy to tap out with an arm bar.

We had express check-out, so all we had to do was pack up the car and go. We decided to spend our last day at the Magic Kingdom. As soon as we entered the park we discovered that a parade was about to start. We sat down on the curb at Main Street and watched a couple of high school marching bands.

Allie wasn’t impressed. And then it started to rain. Now, the first day when it rained it was sort of fun and exciting. Having to put those ponchos (or as Allison calls them, “nachos”) back on was a drag.

photo (34)

I think somebody is done watching the high school band parade.

But the rain didn’t last long, and soon we saw a real parade! Allison got to see and wave at a bunch of her favorite characters all from the prime vantage point of Daddy’s shoulders.

photo (35)

Allison saying “HI!” to all the characters during the parade.

She loved driving the car, but other than those highlights she was a brat. We tried to threaten her with leaving early and she surprised us by being ready to go. I guess there is such a thing as too much fun. She fell asleep almost as soon as we got back on the road and by the time we got to my friend Shelley’s house in Ovieda she was all smiles again.


One of the eggs that Allie found in the hen’s nest.


Here chicky chicky chicky! I have food for you.


She got to collect eggs, feed chickens, feed horses, play ping pong and play with five puppies. We ate delicious ribs and corn and enjoyed the company of Shelley, her son Jonathan, husband Eric and her father-in-law. I’ve known Shelley since we shared an office at Xbox about 12 years ago, and it was great to catch up.

This marks the end of Week One of the Victory Lap so here are some stats:

Items lost: Only two! Allie’s no-tears body wash/shampoo and nail-clippers.

Miles traveled: 1,249.1

Dollars spent: Not even going to think about it.

Tantrums thrown: Let’s see, four to five a day for seven days… nope, I don’t want to do that math.

Friends visited: Four


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  1. Hmmmm, overstimulation? Ear plugs! How’s dad liking full on Daddy time now?!!!

    Gretchen Reddy

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