Tech Update and the Gummi Situation

Here we are about a week into our Victory Lap across the United States and I figured now is the time to update everybody on how the tech and gadgets are holding up on the trip as well as one Daddy-made disaster that was fixed with the help of my own Daddy.

The D-Link Network DIR-510L Wireless AC750 Portable Router has really been a big help on the trip, getting everybody connected to the hotel internet quickly without having to make the connection for every user. The router has been set up, and all the devices have the router in the saved connections. Once the connection is made at the hotel, all the devices are up and running. And if the hotel limits or charges per connection, we are actually only making one connection with the router saving on money as well.

The D-Link 510L AC750 Portable Wireless Router with the unofficial Victory Lap soft drink for size comparison.

The D-Link 510L AC750 Portable Wireless Router with the unofficial Victory Lap soft drink for size comparison.

The Mountek nGroove Snap cell phone mount is working great on most of the roads, but does run in to some issues with bumpier parts of the interstate. I’m looking right at you South Carolina and Georgia. This isn’t a fault in the nGroove Snap, but because I was too lazy to put one of the metal disks in the back of the case and used the built- in magnets from the wireless charging feature of the Nexus 5 instead. The connection just isn’t strong enough to really hold it during harder bumps on some of the roads.

The Gripdaddy v2ARM iPad Headrest Mount is working like a BOSS! Allison has been using it almost nonstop while in the car and we haven’t had a single problem with it. It was slightly out of Allie’s little arm’s reach early on in the trip so she just took off her socks and shoes and used her toes to control the iPad. My monkey toe genes came in handy there. Later on in the trip we were able to better adjust the angle of the iPad to where she could use her hands.

The built-in Bluetooth capabilities of the car stereo has been a winner on this trip as we switch between my Nexus 5, and Christa’s iPhone and iPod Touch for our listening pleasures. We have been alternating between my podcasts (AMC Movie Talk for the most part), and the Audible books of a Veronica Mars book for us and Junie B. Jones books for Allison.

In addition to this, we also picked up a Philips Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in Orange (SBT10ORG) for listening to music while we are in the hotel room–mostly during packing or for baths and showers. This small, rechargeable, Bluetooth speaker does a very good job of getting the music out for everybody to listen to. Small, lightweight, with enough sound for a hotel room. What more can I ask for?

Philips Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with a can of the unofficial Victory Lap soft drink for comparison.

Philips Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with a can of the unofficial Victory Lap soft drink for comparison.

Now, for the gummi situation. I had been eating gummi flowers that were given to us by our friends Wendy and Sara in Raleigh. Not really paying too much attention, I left the partially open bag of gummis laying on the center console when we went to the Kennedy Space Center. In Florida. On a particularly hot day. In Florida. Soooo, by the time we got back to the car, the bag of partially eaten gummi flowers had turned in to a bag of liquid gummi. A bag of liquid gummi that had decided to flow down the console and into the carpet. Under my drivers seat. Oh joy!  Mad at only myself, I was surprised at how calm I managed to be after getting the car detailed and then doing something as stupid as this. My first idea was to get a can of compressed air, turn it upside down, and spray it, hoping to freeze the gummi hard and pull it off the carpet. While it did turn it hard, it also created a slimy coating, and it wasn’t very easy to get it off the carpet. Enter my Dad for the rescue! As we were trying different things to clean the car such as screwdrivers to scrape it off, he had the idea to use something he had laying around the garage called Grease Monkey Wipes. I was amazed! These little wipes worked wonders at getting the gummi residue off the console and out of the carpet. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any remnants of the gummi anywhere in the car, in only about 5 minutes.

After only 1200 miles of a 5000+ mile trip, the tech seems to be holding up nicely, and with a couple new additions to our gear bag. Hopefully, everything will hold up as we continue on across America. If there is any product you think we should be using, leave a comment and let me know!



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Recently retired US Marine enjoying life just being a Daddy to my children and a husband to wife and author, Christa Charter.

2 thoughts on “Tech Update and the Gummi Situation

    • Thanks for the suggestion! We actually have a product just for this, but haven’t really had a chance to test it out yet. It’s a myCharge RFAM-0503. I went with this because it has a built-in lightning connector for iPhones and a micro-USB for other devices. This enables both me and Christa to charge of devices without the need of carrying a cable.

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