Day Fourteen – Games, Parties and Emo Beads

This was the very first day of the Victory Lap that we had NO WHERE to go. It was glorious. Dana ventured out into the world twice: once to get me Starbucks and once to pick up two copies of Disney Magical World for mine and Allison’s 3DS portable games systems, but I never once went further than the back patio.

photo (70)

I finished a book, reviewed a chapter of my novel Schooled‘s audiobook in progress, and played video games. How was this possible? Grandparents, an auntie and a cousin.

photo (71)

MeMaw cuts the crust off!

It was awesome. I think Allie spoke to me twice today…once when she threw a wobbly over horseshoes (Daddy wouldn’t let her cheat like MeMaw does), and then again when she wanted to paint my toenails.

photo (74)

I’m not saying it’s related, but there WAS a buzzard circling…

In the late afternoon, some of the neighbors came over for the viewing of the relatives, and we drank beer and Dana let Allison paint his toenails pink.

photo (75)

Pink toes = Thug Life

Then Kiki came over just as the neighbors were filtering out, and me, Dana, Shawna, Kiki, and Sadie played Cards Against Humanity. If you’re not familiar with the game you might want to avert your eyes. It’s dirty and hilarious and a ton of fun.

photo (73)


When we ran out, these guys made a beer run.

For a nominal fee, these two are available for your beer-fetching needs.

For a nominal fee, these two are available for your beer-fetching needs.

Finally, it was time to come inside. It was dark, Kiki had to get back home to her dog, and some sort of creature flew into my hair. Now comes the fun of packing our stuff with a belly full of beer. Tomorrow we’re back on the road.

Dana’s favorite part of the day was playing Cards Against Humanity with friends and family.

Allison’s favorite was playing with Auntie Shawna.

My favorite part was sitting on my ass all day with no responsibilities.





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