Day Nineteen – Kingman, AZ to Victorville, CA

Today was a long one. We didn’t have all that far to go, but it took a long time to cover the distance.

241 miles!

241 miles!

But before we got started, we visited the Route 66 museum in Kingman. It was pretty cool. I especially liked the display of antique phonographs.


After that we went across the street to Mr D’z Route 66 Diner where we sat in a booth upholstered in turquoise.

dinerThe fries and burgers were really good, Dana loved his root beer float

greedyand Allison did this to spaghetti.

Cthulhu commands you to buy her a milkshake.

Cthulhu commands you to buy her a milkshake.

Finally, we got on the road around noon. We decided to enjoy one last chunk of Route 66.

historic 66

We drove through the desert awhile admiring cacti. This one looks like a Dr Seuss character. And then there’s a big ass cactus.

photo 2 (3)


We turned a corner and discovered this charming place in Cool Springs. It’s either IN Cool Springs or it IS Cool Springs. I’m not clear on that bit. We bought a chunk of the Mother Road complete with a certificate of authenticity. Because, you know, we may someday need to prove the providence of a chunk of asphalt for insurance purposes.

Cool Springs

The fellow inside the store asked if we were headed for the town of Oatman. We were. He told us, “Get ready for 9 miles and 120 turns.”  We thought we were ready, but we weren’t.

switchbackIt was scary and amazing and beyond gorgeous. Here’s a three minute video I made, because a still photo just doesn’t do it justice.

oatman road rte 66

After we made it through the twists and turns we drove through the little town of Oatman. Slowly, because the donkeys are loose and just roam everywhere.

These are not the sexy donkeys from Texas.

These are not the sexy donkeys from Texas.

Finally, we got back on 40, crossed the Colorado River, and breached the California border. Hooray!!


Awesome, except for after allllll that, we still had a ton of Mojave to drive through to get to Victorville.

All we are is dust in the wind. Dude.

All we are is dust in the wind. Dude.

Allison was watching something on her iPad (for the first time in three days) and Dana and I listened to more of Fight Club. Let me tell you: Fight Club, a barren landscape, and nearly three weeks on the road may lead your mind down a philosophical path. And not necessarily a pleasant one. You might even start to think some messed-up thinks.

Well, we finally FINALLY arrived in Victorville, CA and our lodgings for the night. I don’t have a list of favorites today because everyone is asleep except for me. Everyone’s fuse is a little shorter than nineteen days ago, and our standard of clean clothes and edible foods have suffered as well. But tomorrow: DISNEYLAND.

BTW, this is my favorite Burma Shave poem:

Burma shave poem




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