Day Twenty – Victorville, CA to Disneyland

Perhaps it was naive to think we could complete the Victory Lap without casualties. I just didn’t think it would be me. Not sure if it was heat, allergies, or just exhaustion, I was knocked out with a migraine yesterday.

Anyway, highlights of Day 20:

Crazy brushfires and high winds!


The Mint Julep bar with Mickey beignets!

Allison acting like a brat and saying she wanted to go back to the hotel and that Mommy and Daddy should come without her next time!

Ringing the bell on the fire truck that Walt Disney himself used to drive around the park!

Dinner with friends at Ariel’s Grotto!

I felt so ill I had to leave the restaurant, my mahi mahi untouched and flee back to Paradise Pier. But Gunny and our friend Max who makes video games at Naughty Dog, and Allison and Max’s lovely daughter Cameron did some stuff and had a great view of World of Color. My view from the ninth floor wasn’t too shabby either!

photo (29)
Just a few more days and we’ll be home. I’m almost looking forward to it.


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2 thoughts on “Day Twenty – Victorville, CA to Disneyland

  1. Sounds like quite a trip. I have been enjoying reading about it on the deck as I drink and look out over the Med. Bob got a last minute swap and we are currently roughing on the French Riviera. Hope you survive the last miles home.

    Gretchen Reddy

    I Phone


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