Day Twenty-one – Disneyland to Palo Alto

For some reason it hadn’t really sunk in how far LA is from Palo Alto and how many miles we had to travel today.

So we didn’t have the hours at Disneyland we anticipated enjoying. Turns out the bratling was in full jerk mode so Disneyland was barely enjoyable at all! Her tummy hurt, her feet hurt, she was scared of Tarzan’s treehouse etc etc.

So no one was too upset to bid farewell to the Happiest Place on Earth.

So we hit the road, and the Small One fell asleep listening to the gripping saga of Junie B. Jones’s Kindergarten graduation.

We drove North all day. We stopped for five-dollar gas (and lunch) in Bakersfield. And discovered that Allie was running a fever. I’d love to be able to attribute her behavior to fever, but she was the same flavor of butthole at Disney World. But anyway, we dosed her up with Tylenol and she slept some more while we watched California pass by.

The hillsides were colorful with yellow, orange and purple wildflowers.

We finally pulled up to my friend Joelle’s address in Palo Alto just before 7:30. Only to discover she’d moved two months ago! Luckily, her new digs were only a few blocks from the old place and we were soon hunkered down with pizza and beer and a sky full of stars.
Oh, and after the Tylenol took effect, Allison was perfectly happy, and had a burst of creativity which resulted in this masterpiece:



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