Day Twenty-Four – Roseberg, OR to Redmond, WA

Today was the final leg of our Victory Lap, or as Allison calls it “The Big Adventure.”

Roseberg to Redmond

Although she’d eaten cereal for breakfast, we’d been on the road a mere forty-five minutes before Allison announced that she was hungry again. The child has healed, methinks!


We had fun looking for animals (baby animals especially make Allison SUPER HAPPY.)

photo (32)

Before too long we saw evidence of entitled Northwest assholery,

photo (35)

And crappy Northwest weather.


But we crossed the border into our home state and there was much rejoicing!

Washington border

And we finally made it home to Redmond! Tonight I have all three of my kids with me and we return to our Sunday night tradition of Cosmos and Milkshakes. Only now Gunny is home for good.

babies three

We’ll be posting some wrap-up stuff later this week. Total stats, lessons learned and all that jazz. But for now…time to make milkshakes. Thanks for joining us on our Victory Lap!


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