31 Frightful Films – #3 The Eye

Last night Gunny was playing poker with the dudes, so once Allison was abed, I watched a scary movie  with my older daughter Callahan (18). Hardly anything scares her. She’s by far the most unflappable family member. My son (22) would argue that honor belongs to him, but he’d be wrong. Uh, anyway, it’s just me reviewing today. The film was The Eye from 2008 and starring Jessica Alba.


The fingers never happened. Maybe it would have helped…

The premise of this movie is cellular memory. The idea that a donated organ can come with unforeseen side-effects. For example, a life-long non-smoker receives the kidney or liver of a stranger and suddenly really wants a cigarette. The organ donor, of course, was a smoker. In The Eye, Jessica Alba receives corneal transplants and immediately begins to see weird shit. Shit that isn’t there. (Minor quibble: why not The Eyes? She got two corneas…). Jessica Alba is all kinds of eye candy, and Parker Posey plays her sister, but this movie is pretty lame. Just…not scary. It felt a little bit like Constantine and a little bit like Ghost. And, doy, a lot like Eyes of Laura Mars. I think the main problem is that the creepy shadow creatures that come to collect the dead look sort of like rejects from the Blue Man Group. Not that they’re blue, but…

Anyway. Not scary. This is me giving this film side-eye. And a courtesy afghan-lift.

Side eye with Afghan



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