31 Frightful Films – #5 The Sacrament

Last night, after dining at a fancy steak house for Gunny’s birthday, we were full and sleepy and not really in the mood for a scary movie. So we just sort of put on the first thing tagged horror we found that neither of us had watched before. This turned out to be The Sacrament. Written and directed by Ti West and starring no one you’ve ever heard of. The premise is that a a hard-hitting investigative TV news team goes off to some remote country to fetch the photographer’s sister, who has gotten involved with some sort of hippie commune.

The Sacrament

Dana’s Review

What matter of feces did I just watch? Stumbled upon this movie while flipping through Netflix, saw it was listed as horror, so screw it, let’s watch this one. Bad decision. Film crew travels to another country to see the sister of one of their crew who went to a rehab commune. Greeted by guns. The Jonestown Massacre happens. The end. There is no horror, no scares , no suspense. This movie so boring that I fell asleep at one point and missed nothing but some bad acting and horrible script. I still can’t get over the stupidity of the helicopter pilot. When they were dropped off via helicopter, the pilot said he would be back tomorrow and would only wait for an hour before leaving. Fast forward to the next day when one of the crew members “gets to the choppa” for help, and the pilot gets shot. Not dead shot, but wounded shot mind you. The crew member explains what is happening at the camp, and the pilot says he will wait while he goes back to the camp. The same guy who said he would only wait an hour, gets shot, and decided that he will now wait around longer. AFTER GETTING FUCKING SHOT! This movie sucks. The only reason to watch this movie is to screw with your friends and make them waste 90 minutes of their life.

Christa’s Review

It’s Jonestown. This film is neither interesting nor scary. A better title would be: The Excrement.

Afghan of Doom fell asleep.

Afghan of Doom fell asleep.


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