31 Frightful Films – #6 Cursed

Last night we watched Cursed a 2005 Wes Craven film starring Christina Ricci, Jesse Eisenberg, and Joshua Jackson. The premise: a werewolf is roaming the Hollywood Hills.


Christa’s Review

First of all, it was a huge relief to watch a film with real actors and good production values. This was billed as a horror/comedy, but it wasn’t a spoof. It was a werewolf flick with a sense of humor. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that scary (though I startled a couple of times) or that funny. Watching Wednesday Addams and Mark Zuckerberg try to deal with getting infected with lycanthropism (is that what you’d call it?) is sort of amusing. The special effects make-up of Rick Baker were supposed to be a selling point, but honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. Of course, this film is almost 10 years old, but on the other hand I thought his transformation scenes in American Werewolf in London were better. If you see that this one is on TV, go ahead and give it a whirl, but don’t expect to be scared. Afghan of Doom says it’s too scary for little kids, but barely pulse-raising for adults.



Dana’s Review

Hey! It’s a movie with people I recognize! It’s got Nadia from American Pie, the guy from Dawson’s Creek that wasn’t Dawson, Wednesday Addams, Zuckerberg, and Ron from Parks and Rec. Not really a scary movies or a funny movie, but it at least kept my interest and entertained me. If this movie would have had some real suspense and scare in it, it would have been a real food horror flick. As it is, it is a good popcorn flick.


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