31 Frightful Films – #9 V/H/S

Lots of people recommended this movie to us, and I think part of me had it confused with the movie [Rec] which my son keeps exhorting me to watch. Full disclosure, we watched in the middle of the day when our daughter was at Kindergarten. The film was V/H/S. The premise is that these assholes who go around abusing women for shits and giggles are hired by someone to break into a certain house and steal a certain VHS tape. What didn’t sink in until halfway through was that this was just a set-up for short horror films (each short was a different tape) and that there was no common thread through the films.


Dana’s review

OK, so I had seen this movie pop up more than once while flicking through Netflix, so now seemed like as good time as any to give it a watch. First, the entire movie is nothing but a collection of handheld, shaky-cam, POV films made popular by The Blair Witch Project.  It starts with a scary only because it exists look at people “sharking” a girl for their enjoyment and money by putting it on the web. Don’t know what sharking is? Don’t worry, it isn’t really important to the film. The entire film is a collection of short films that are unrelated in any way. Don’t waste your time looking for a common thread, because it doesn’t exists. The only reason why you are watching them is because the people in the main story are watching them. Occasionally, you would get a “WTF was that!” moment, but over all, it wasn’t scary and was boring in most parts. The main story sucked, with the only redeeming films being the one with the guy with the spyglasses on and the one where the one girl has three friends go with her to the woods to get away.

Christa’s review

I was so offended by the first half of this movie that I almost stopped watching it. In the set-up segment, a group of men go around assaulting unsuspecting women. Exposing their breasts and filming it, laughing the whole time. The assaults have been taped over another recording–that of one of the assholes trying to trick his girlfriend into taping a sexual encounter. I.e. he doesn’t tell her he’s recording it. I wanted each and every one of these fuckwads to die immediately. They didn’t. They discuss graduating to upskirt videos in their assaults and laugh their way to this house where they’re supposed to retrieve a certain tape. The house is full of tapes and they don’t know what they’re looking for, so they watch them one by one. The first tape is about a bunch of fratboy types who employ a pair of glasses with hidden video cam to record their adventures going to bars and picking up girls. It’s just gross to watch the way they behave; their sense that the world and the women in it are theirs to exploit. (Cue for some dude to post a comment about how there’s no such thing as male privilege or misogyny) These shorts weren’t scary to me because I had zero empathy for the protagonists. It was like watching Jaws and rooting for the shark. I HATED it.


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