31 Frightful Films – #11 The Possession

This one was recommended to us because we liked Sinister. The Possession is a 2012 film starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick. It’s a twist on the standard demonic possession tale in that instead of being based on Catholic mythology, it’s based on Jewish mythology. So instead of a demon, the little girl gets possessed by a dybbuk (a malevolent spirit). Divorced dad buys an antique carved box for one of his two daughters and the dybbuk lives in the box. Got it?


Christa’s review

up to noseI really enjoyed this one. Even though it had all the standard plot points of a possession tale (innocently stumbling into danger, a young girl as a host, increasingly fucked-up and violent behavior, acceptance of a supernatural cause, the search for help from religious leader, exorcism), the acting was good, the characters were believable, and the horror effects were awesome. I was grossed out a lot, but not surprised and not afraid. But I would still recommend this film to anyone who likes a good story.

Dana’s review

OK, so I fell asleep for part of this film, but not because it was a bad film, but because I was just tired. However, what I did see of it, which was most of the beginning, sporadic middle, and the end, I liked. It had it’s moments of typical possession, but the way the movie played out I really liked. I really liked that it wasn’t the Catholics coming to try and save the day, but a Rabbi. I’m not sure why, but I thought that was a nice, unique twist on it. Definitely worth the watch.


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