31 Frightful Films – #12 The Calling

The Calling posterWell, this was a case of mis-filing somewhere. Gunny picked this up from Redbox and it turned out to be a crime thriller, not horror. But of course, being one film behind and leaving for vacation in a week, we had to use it. But I’m the only one that watched The Calling a 2014 film set in Canada and starring Susan Sarandon as an alcoholic detective and the kid from That 70s Show as a bright young cop. A grisly murder in which the victim’s mouth has been manipulated in a certain way starts the ball rolling. A second victim turns up and a pattern begins to emerge. It’s weird and unsettling, and the evidence is uncovered in a believable way. I particularly liked Susan Sarandon in this. She plays the typical crusty miserable detective who takes shit from her superiors and shits on her underlings. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn the role was written for a man. Anyway, Sarandon does a great job. If you like serial killer/police procedural stuff, you should check this one out.



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