31 Frightful Films – #13 Cabin Fever:Patient Zero

I picked this one up while browsing the local Redbox after returning The Calling, which I mistakenly picked up thinking would be a film that would fit our horror theme. Cabin Fever:Patient Zero, as the title might hint to, is a movie about a high infectious disease and the patient zero that started it all. This is actually the third movie in the series, and a prequel, of which, I have seen none of them. It stars Sean Astin who you might recognize from his work as a hobbit in the Lord of the Rings movies, from Goonies, or as the ultimate underdog Rudy that always manages to make me tear up at the end.

Cabin Fever:Patient Zero Poster

I actually enjoyed this movie, which surprised me a bit. It had it’s moments of pure cheese, but was presented in a way that was fun. And being that it is a movie about an as highly infectious disease with some of the same symptoms as the ever present Ebola currently in the news, brought it to another level of realism for me. But some of the best parts for me, was the make up and special effects. The level of the make up to me was very well done. And the cat fight from two infected individuals takes a totally different approach thanks to the make up, special effects, and of course the disease in the movie. Scary? Not really that scary, unless you are petrified of the ebola virus infecting you and what could happen. Other than that though, a fun movie, and enjoyable. I’ll leave you with this if you watch this movie. Watch the credits as it gives you some footage that acts as another thread to the plot that completes the story.


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