31 Frightful Films – #14 Oculus

We’re behind in our movies and we leave on vacation in a week, so it’s unlikely we will hit 31 films without bingeing or some sort of time warp. Last night we watched Oculus from 2013 starring Starbuck from the second run of Battlestar Galactica as the mom, and the dude from Empire Records as the dad. The premise is there is an antique mirror that is a bit of a dick. If you hang it in your home, bad shit is going to happen.


Christa’s review

All the way scared.

All the way scared.

I really liked this one. There are two stories intertwined in this: what happened eleven years ago when these two kids (now grown) were orphaned, and the older sister’s present-day attempts to clear her parent’s name (by proving that what happened to them was caused by a supernatural force) and destroy the mirror. The two stories switch back and forth, first in flashbacks and then…you’re not sure. Because this mirror effects everything around it. It kills plants. It eats dogs. It makes you see things wrong. You think you’re talking on the cellphone in the front yard, but you’re really staring into the mirror. I love the main character, Kaylie, played by Karen Gillan, (who Gunny says was hot in Guardians of the Galaxy). She’s brave as hell in present day and was even as a child. She is a take-no-prisoners badass. Overall this movie was a glorious mindfuck where time is fluid and you’re never sure what the hell is going on, reminiscent of The Shining and the evil magic that the Overlook Hotel worked on its residents. It didn’t scare me as much as Sinister, but it was close. I took off my glasses so the scary crap would be out of focus.

Dana’s review

This was just another random movie picked up from the local Redbox. I think Christa thought I was pulling her leg about this being a horror movie when it opened up with the giant WWE Studios logo. I really didn’t realize it was a WWE Studios film when I first chose it and kept waiting for Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, or some other wannabe Hollywood actor from the ring to show up, but it never did happen. This was actually a legit movie put out by the studios, and not just some way to try to create a movie star out of one of their wrestlers. Who it did have in it was Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy), Starbuck(Battlestar Galactica), and the dude who stole the movie from Empire Records and gambled it all in order to attempt to save the record store from being bought out. Damn the Man!

This movie left me guessing about what was actually going on. At times, I thought the sister was screwing with the brother. But as the movie goes on, it becomes more and more evident that there is some screwed up shit going on in this house, and the mirror is the reason. The constant flashbacks brought great insight into what happened in the house 11 years ago, but did provide a bit of confusion for me as I sometimes lost track as to what was happening now and what was happening then. Overall, a good movie, with some good gross out, of fuck, and fuck that moments. Well worth the watch.


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