31 Frightful Films – #15 Leprechaun: Origins

This is the 2014 reboot of the classic Leprechaun series starring Willow, but this time starring WWE Superstar Hornswoggle as the small, bad, leprechaun. Being that this is another WWE Studios film, it should come as no surprise.  And in a weird sense of promotion, instead of releasing this movie around Halloween, they decided that this needed to be released around St. Patrick’s Day. Anyways…

Leprechaun Origins

Leprechaun Origins reboots the franchise but without the cheesy, comical, leprechaun that we all loved, but instead as a demon out to get those that have stolen it’s gold. And instead of a group of stereotypical college kids running around trying to survive the leprechaun, we are treated to a three-way dance of survival as it is the leprechaun vs the college kids vs the local villagers. The villagers found the leprechauns gold, and took it. In retaliation, the leprechaun kills in retribution for this. The villagers, in their own version of “let’s run up the stairs and hide”, decide that it is best to NOT leave town when a demon is trying to kill you, but to stay and try and lure outsiders in so the leprechaun will kill them instead. Oh, but don’t worry about the college kids, they do their own bit of “let’s run up the stairs and hide” of classic horror by, get this, running up the stairs and hiding. Actually, this movie is full of your classic horror cliche’s and suspense shots, but lacks the great special effects or memorable lines that you would hope to find in this type of movie. The best line to me was a lucky charms bit near the end, and what leprechaun horror movie be without a short joke or lucky charms joke. Watch if you want, but it isn’t that fantastic. Wait for Netflix.


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