31 Frightful Films – #16 Wer

Wer (as in “werewolf,” “wererabbit,” “werehamster” or “were-whatever”) is a 2013 film directed by William Brent Bell who is best known for The Devil Inside, which is on my to-see list. It’s set in the French countryside, and the film begins with a savage attack on a family who is camping. An animal attack, they say, but then the only survivor says “he had a beard” or something similar and the hunt for a large animal becomes a man hunt. A large hairy dude is quickly arrested and our film really gets going when a young American human rights lawyer arrives to represent him.


Christa’s review

up to noseThis is the most original take on the werewolf legend that I’ve seen in a long time. The heart of the story is this poor man who is being persecuted for his unusual looks. And with a little digging, it turns out their family has been persecuted by the local authorities for years. Our heroine, played by A.J. Cook, is an earnest blonde who is smart, capable and admirable. She wants nothing more than to do what’s right for her client. So, think about that: a person who may or may not have werewolf tendencies in the legal and healthcare systems. It’s interesting. I was really into this film until the last fifteen minutes. The action sequence (I won’t give it away by saying more) goes on too long and is tedious. But I am not an action movie person and find most car chases and fight scenes dull as dirt. If we had lost power 90% through the movie I would have come away with a much better opinion than after watching the tiresome ending. It wasn’t scary in any sort of suspenseful way, but it was SUPER gory and the gross effects were extremely well done. I give it a half-Afghan for gore.

Dana’s review

Ok, so I have to admit to falling asleep while watching this one. The special effects of the eaten bodies were well done, but their was too much story and not enough scare for me. I want my horror movies to scare me, not make me think. It wasn’t a bad movie, and was an interesting spin on the werewolf, but just want my thing at the time.


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