31 Frightful Films – #17 The Quiet Ones

When you watch a lot of horror films, you get a lot of horror film recommendations, both from friends and family and from Netflix, Amazon, etc. Last night we watched The Quiet Ones. This film released in April and is based or suggested by real events and set in 1970’s England. The premise: a young working class cameraman is hired by an Oxford scientist/professor dude to document his attempts to study (and supposedly cure) a young woman who suffers from some ailment that looks a lot like demonic possession.


Christa’s review

Afghan with freaky eyeI enjoyed this because it was different than a lot of the stuff we’ve seen lately. The really interesting bits of The Quiet Ones were the interpersonal relationships between the doctor (or whatever Jared Harris plays) and his much-younger team. Besides the camera guy there is a lusty blonde nurse and a lusty curly-haired engineer type dude that runs all the special equipment that monitors the patient, Jane. Special note: If Dana tries to tell you the movie was hard to follow or didn’t make sense, it’s probably because he kept falling asleep. Also interesting is how Jane reacts and responds to each team member. What’s going on in the country house the team moves into when they lose funding from the university? Is Jane mentally ill? Did she invent “Evie” a spirit she says causes the destruction around her? Or is Evie a demon or a ghost? The doctor of course believes if Jane can be convinced to let go of “Evie” she will be cured. Anyway, some good scares, some great surprises. Solid acting which is always a treat with this genre. However,  I wasn’t scared. Well, except for that one part out in the barn or whatever with the crib.

Dana’s review

Honestly, I had a hard time following this movie. If a movie isn’t interesting to me, I get bored, and have a hard time getting back in to it. And right from the get go, this movie did little to interest me. Give me something early on to latch on to and bring me the rest of the way in. What I did see didn’t seem scary to me, and I just wasn’t in to the movie.



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