31 Frightful Films – #18 Stitches

Today’s recommendation came from flipping through movies on Netflix. Horror movie about clowns and Christa with a fear of clowns? Stitches was going on the list! The premise? Who cares! OK, fine. Horrible children’s party clown is performing for some miserable kids when a party mishap causes him to die at the party. He comes back 10 years later to exact his revenge. Happy now?


Oh man, let me tell you. This movie is “all the good”. Great acting? Nope. Great script? Not really. But a good, funny, gruesome movie none the less. This movie reminded me of the later Nightmare on Elm Street movies with it’s over the top deaths, silliness in how Stitches kills people, and the fantastic little one liners that Stitches deals out in the movie. In fact, I dare say that this movie was done with Nightmare on Elm Street on it’s mind with the inclusion of the fantasy drug hypnocil made popular in the Nightmare series.  Not only does this movie play off the usual set of horror cliches, but it adds some fantastic clown bits as well. It even had the return of the 7up Spot! OK, not really, but there is a bit that reminded me of spot. Very low on the scary factor, but did a great job with the gruesome and the special effects. Watch this with some friends, sit back, and have some fun cheering for the clown!!



About Reighvin

Recently retired US Marine enjoying life just being a Daddy to my children and a husband to wife and author, Christa Charter.

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