31 Frightful Films – #23 Contracted

I’m always up for a good pandemic/virus flick, so Contracted was an easy choice. This film was made in 2013 and stars no one you’ve ever seen before. Basically, the poster is what intrigued us. The premise: Girl has a one-night stand and contracts the nastiest STD ever.


Christa’ review

First up, the so-called “one night stand” was a rape. So if this film was meant as a cautionary tale about promiscuity, it can fuck right off. There’s a lot of whining and bleeding in this movie, and not much sense. The main character, Samantha, is a moron and there are sub-plots and backstories about past drug use and lesbianism that perhaps are supposed to add depth, but…derp. It’s as if the “IDK my BFF Jill” girl grew up and starred in a low budget piece of crap. It’s not scary. It IS gross, and I think they used their budget on special effects because they certainly didn’t spend money on the cast. The acting is awful across the board. I’m trying not to write spoilers, but I do want to warn off potential viewers. Here’s what I’ll say: See the girl on the poster up there? That’s Samantha. She goes around town looking LIKE THAT, and no one cringes in horror or takes her to the E.R. Skip this unless you’re watching purely for make-up and gross-out effects.

Dana’s review

Yes! Loved it! Not for the great story or acting, but for the gross out effects. If you like to be grossed out, then this is a MUST SEE! But for me, it was grossed out in a good way. I was constantly cheering for what the next gross event would be, only to have them surpass it. There is one issue that came up where it looked like it might have been a bit of a continuity error, but I just looked past that and kept right on trucking. Remember guys and gals, always wrap that sucker to avoid the gonorsyphalitus.


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