31 Frightful Films – #25 Grave Encounters

I admit passing over this one several times on Netflix because the name seemed stupid. Now that I know the title of the movie is that of the TV show that is the premise, I don’t find it so bad. Grave Encounters is a 2011 film by The Vicious Brothers. Here’s the premise: A reality show featuring ghost-hunters or paranormal investigators sets out to make their sixth episode in an abandoned Maryland insane asylum. This is the footage that was left behind. A frightened-looking producer tells us it has only been edited for time.


Christa’s review

All the way scared.

All the way scared.

I’m SO glad we watched this in daylight. It was scary as fuck. It had just the right pacing with the joking and cynicism of a film crew and then the slow burn as they are locked in by the caretaker. A couple weird things happen, and then it all goes to shit. Part of the genius of this is that there is no electricity in this abandoned building so all light comes from the crew and a lot of it is night-vision. Like the best unsettling films the things you don’t see are far worse than those you do. This one offers up scares both mind-fucky (time becomes fluid as in Oculus) and jump-out-at-you startling. This is a must-see if you want a good scare.

Dana’s review

Holy balls sweat! I’m glad this was a day time encounter because if it had been dark, I would of had to change my underwear. And probably got rid of the couch. This is a great example of a slow burn as you are waiting for things to happen. And as the movie progresses, you start to see little things that hint to much bigger things afoot than what you are actually seeing. Fantastically done and loved it. The gore is nonexistent but the suspense is fantastic. Definitely one to add to your list of movies to watch for Halloween, or anytime for that matter.


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