31 Frightful Films – #26 Deliver Us From Evil

This one just came out on DVD this week, so it’s not free anywhere we’ve seen yet. We’ll let you decide whether it’s worth paying for after you’ve read our reviews. Deliver Us From Evil is based on what an NYPD cop claims actually happened. The premise: Marines in Iraq discover a strange underground shrine of some kind. Two years later back to their regular lives in The Bronx, weird shit starts to happen. A couple of special ops cops, The Worst Hulk and The Dude From Community investigate a series of crimes involving the former soldiers and the people in their lives. An eccentric/rogue Catholic priest is convinced there are demonic forces at work and keeps popping up with offers to help.


Christa’s review

The first half of this had me cowering under the Afghan of Doom. When I saw this creepy owl toy creepy owl toyin the cop’s daughter’s bedroom I suddenly remembered it was in the trailer and the reason I didn’t want to see this movie in the first place. Creepy toys are not okay. I still have PTSD from watching Dead Silence half a dozen years ago. This movie, with its creeping doom, cryptic writing, and startles was well on its way to matching or even besting our current champ Sinister for quality scares. I found the heroine addict priest intriguing. And hot. But then the film took a turn toward the mundane: an exorcism scene that offered nothing new or interesting. The Power of Christ compelled me la-et-cm-the-exorcist-geffen-20120517-001to lose interest entirely. What started as a Full Afghan devolved into a Half Afghan.

How do you say "hottie" in Latin?

How do you say “hottie” in Latin?

Dana’s review

I have no recollection of this movie ever hitting the theaters, which is weird because of the amount of movies I see. But anyways, it is fresh new release for home viewing, so we thought we would give it a shot. I loved the build up in the movie. Freaky stuff is going on right off the back and you are constantly hit with a quick scare or spooky music to make you tense, never knowing what is coming next. But when it comes time for the exorcism, it had very little new to offer. It wasn’t a pea soup spewing, head spinning, demonic possession, but it was something that has been seen before. The addition of the weird crown of thorn type scars that appeared freshly over the possessed forehead was pretty cool, but overall the final act was kind of a let down. Watchable if you just want to see a decent possession movie, but don’t expect anything you really haven’t seen before.



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