31 Frightful Films – #27 Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Okay, we knew this was a comedy going in, but we needed something a little forgiving this morning. Tucker and Dale vs Evil fit the bill nicely. It’s a 2010 film starring Wash from Firefly and some other people. The premise is that two Hillbillies go for a weekend in Tucker’s newly-acquired “vacation home” a.k.a. a nasty cabin which was the scene of the Memorial Day Massacre. Meanwhile, a bunch of snotty college kids are headed to the Appalachians for a weekend of booze and sex. You know, how college kids do. Dale (the not-Wash hillbilly) sees co-ed Allie at a gas station. His shy attempts to chat her up are interpreted as creepy and threatening by the collegiate brats, which leads to misunderstanding upon misunderstanding upon a series of gory deaths.

tucker dale poster

Christa’s review

Very fun. The myriad of ways the college kids bite it–and have it appear to their classmates that Tucker and Dale are responsible–are clever, funny, and hit all the horror movie mainstays. This is really a movie about stereotypes, and if there is an anti-defamation league for Appalachian Americans they should stand up and cheer.

You know, if they could read this. RimShotJohnnyUtah Well worth a watch.

Dana’s review

We decided to take on a slightly lighter movie today as we are getting closer towards the end of our countdown, and went with Tucker and Dale. What a great little light hearted movie that takes the classic horror movie staple of killer rednecks, and said, “What if.” Imaginative kills and deaths, that will make you chuckle. Sit back some popcorn and enjoy this flick.


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