31 Frightful Films – #30 The Frighteners

After the trauma of the eyeball-dryingly scary Deborah Logan movie last night, we were ready for something lighter. And to be honest, we’re both pretty damn weary of scary movies at this point. So, we watched a film we considered early on and eliminated because we didn’t want any comedy in the mix. The film was The Frighteners, a 1996 horror/comedy starring Alex P. Keaton. The premise: There’s a series of unexplained deaths in a small town. Enter Frank Bannister, a psychic investigator. For a price he will clear your home of poltergeists, restless spirits, whatever. Here’s his game: He’s actually got a trio of ghosts who do his bidding. They fuck shit up so the people pay Frank. Of course, Frank gets mixed up in the string of deaths and there’s a pretty widow and a dumb sheriff and a creepy FBI dude.


Christa’s review

Afghan of Doom fell asleep.

Afghan of Doom fell asleep.

It’s an interesting idea, certainly. The ghost effects are pretty dated, though and the whole thing came across more as a kids movie. But on the other hand there are bad words and some stuff is kinda spooky. I wouldn’t let my kid watch it, but it didn’t quite feel like it was for grownups, either. The only funny bits are with the indentured ghosts, and Michael J. Fox is not really his likable charming self in this. Afghan of Doom was not impressed.

Dana’s review

I’d heard about this one but don’t recall ever watching it. Interesting take on a scary movie, more inline with something like Beetlejuice than Nightmare on Elmstreet. No real scary moments, and no real gore, but it did have it’s humorous moments. I actually would love to see this movie remade with today’s technology and some actual scares in it. That could be interesting. If looking for a more lighthearted movie with little scare, but ghosts in it, then this would be worth the watch. But if looking for that classic, scary movie, then give this a pass.


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