Classic November – #1 Casablanca

We began our November of Classic Films with the often-spoofed, often-quoted Casablanca. A wartime tale about love, loyalty, the terrible things people do to each other and the amazing sacrifices some make for the greater good. It was released in 1942 and stars Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, and is #2 on THE LIST.


Dana’s Review

I knew almost nothing about this movie except for the often misquoted,  “Play it again, Sam” First off, two words. Ingrid F’n Bergman. Damn!  Now with that out of the way, I realized that there were so many lines that are quoted from this movie that I heard before. And the opening shot of Casablanca reminded me so much of Raiders of the Lost Ark that I wonder if Raiders was playing homage to it. The acting was superb and I really enjoyed the story of love and Nazi’s. For somebody watching it for the first time, it didn’t feel dated, or out of place and completely holds its own 72 years later. If you are like me and heard about it but never watched it, schedule yourself a couple hours to enjoy this timeless classic.

Christa’s Review

I’ve seen this film many many times and love it. Love it so much I was a bit of a Nazi myself making sure Dana stayed awake and paid close attention. With all those characters and shenanigans and rounds of “who’s got the letters of transit” you could get lost. I enjoy this film every time I watch it and am pleased to report that I still cry when the refugees drown out the Nazi singalong with “La Marseillaise.” The best part of this viewing watching my husband experience Casablanca for the first time. The way he laughed at Captain Renault, and grinned when he heard those lines (“Here’s looking at you, kid.” “Of all the gin joints…”). As long as there are people displaced by war, evil people that prey on the weak, and people who choose what is right at the cost of their own happiness, Casablanca will be relevant.


About Reighvin

Recently retired US Marine enjoying life just being a Daddy to my children and a husband to wife and author, Christa Charter.

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