31 Frightful Films – #14 Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak posterThis Guillermo del Toro film just came out in theaters last week. Crimson Peak is classic gothic horror with an amazing cast including Loki, Jax, Alice, and Commander Lewis. The story is that of a bookish young woman named Edith (Wasikowska) with a wealthy father. A handsome titled Englishman (Hiddleston) comes looking for funding for his clay mine and sparks fly. No one approves of this budding love: not her father (Jim Beaver), his possessive sister (Chastain), or her childhood friend (Hunnam). Even so, the naive girl ends up at Allerdale Hall, an isolated decrepit mansion that is sinking slowly into the red clay mine it was built atop. Needless to say, it’s a creepy-ass house and Lord and Lady Whatsit may not be what they seem…

Crimson Peak still

Christa’s Review

I absolutely loved Crimson Peak. I’ve seen some folks on social media say they liked it but they wouldn’t call it “horror.” If your only definition of horror is slasher/torture stuff, then no, this wouldn’t fit the bill. This film is classic Gothic Horror and contains all the elements of the genre: naive young woman, handsome mysterious love interest, creepy-ass house, SECRETS. Think Rebecca and Jane Eyre, not Friday the 13th or SAW. This film commits itself fully to being Gothic horror.

Crimson-Peak-Tom-MiaThis house…Allerdale Hall is the creepiest place since The Outlook Hotel, Hill House, Manderley, that joint in Amityville…you name it. It snows in the living room. The walls bleed red clay. There are black moths everywhere. There is not one room in the whole place that is normal or safe, and as poor Edith spends more time there she starts to look like she fits in, going from prim and lady-like to a wild-haired thing in a freaky nightgown. I think Mia Wasikowska is the new Helena Bonham Carter. Chastain is so, so good. Hiddleston? Awesome as always, plus you get to see his ass. Charlie Hunnam’s role was much larger than the trailers led me to believe, and that was quite awesome.

This movie has startles, creeping dread, and twists. The actors are amazing and the visuals are unforgettable. Everything is weird, or broken, or decaying, or just…off. The special effects are terrible (in a good way!) and beautiful. Del Toro has created a complete and consistent world that is cloying and dreadful. Go see it. Because they just don’t make movies like this anymore.

Holy shit this is scary! I don't want to look, but I have to. But only through a tiny hole in the Afghan of Doom.

Holy shit this is scary! I don’t want to look, but I have to. But only through a tiny hole in the Afghan of Doom.


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