31 Frightful Films – #9 Dark Skies

We stumbled across this one flipping through Netflix. So many, many, horror films, and so few with scores above one or two stars. Dark Skies not only had a decent rating, but it had actors I recognize, including JK Simmons who is a favorite in our house since Whiplash.

DARK-SKIESHere’s the premise. Suburban couple has two sons, money woes, (Dad’s out of work), and mysterious nighttime visitors. What begins as prankish becomes steadily more sinister and the family finds themselves more and more isolated as the events are more unbelievable.

Christa’s Review

Okay, I hadn’t heard a peep about this 2013 film, but this is the first one this year that really scared me. I cowered under the Afghan of Doom, I whimpered “I hate this movie!” and yes, I even had nightmares.

darl skies drawing

I appreciate that it seems set in a real believable world, not crazy horror world, where if you run next door fleeing evil spirits the neighbors are quickly convinced that evil is afoot. In Dark Skies, the neighbors, friends, and local cops are just like your real life community. If they see strange marks on a child their mind does not immediately assume it’s a demon or alien. Their train of thought goes exactly where yours or mind would go…which of course makes the parents situation even more desperate. I recommend Dark Skies and give it Full Afghan!

Holy shit this is scary! I don't want to look, but I have to. But only through a tiny hole in the Afghan of Doom.

Holy shit this is scary! I don’t want to look, but I have to. But only through a tiny hole in the Afghan of Doom.