31 Frightful Films – #12 Lake Mungo

lake_mungo_ver2_xlgLake Mungo is a 2008 Australian film. I rented it on Amazon Instant Video. It’s about the accidental drowning death of a 16 year old girl and the experiences of her parents and brother afterward. After Alice’s tragic death, strange things start happening in the family home. Sounds in the night, a sense that someone is standing at the end of the bed. Alice’s brother Matthew is an amateur photographer and on close examination of his photos it appears that Alice may not really be dead. Or she’s come back. It’s done in a documentary style with interviews with family, friends, local law enforcement, and a psychic the mother hires. Little by little theories of what is going on are discussed. Evidence examined. And Alice’s secrets revealed.


Christa’s Review

Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound scary. My daughter watched with me and when she discovered the documentary format she asked “How is this going to be scary?” But it WAS. It’s not jump-out-and-startle scary, it’s a creeping dread scary. Because you don’t feel like you’re in a supernatural world where crazy shit is just…normal. It’s got video footage from the police, and local news reports and everything is presented like..a 60 Minutes segment or something. So the creepy shit is extra creepy. I was super freaked out and whimpered “I hate this movie.” They showed more creepy shit during the credits and I made my daughter turn it off. “REALLY, Mom?!” ┬áReally. I couldn’t stop thinking about this film. I definitely recommend Lake Mungo.

Holy shit this is scary! I don't want to look, but I have to. But only through a tiny hole in the Afghan of Doom.

Holy shit this is scary! I don’t want to look, but I have to. But only through a tiny hole in the Afghan of Doom.