31 Frightful Films – #11 All Cheerleaders Die

ALL-CHEERLEADERS-DIE-40BF15EWe chose this film because it looked like something goofy we could watch during dinner. I mean, All Cheerleaders Die–who can take that seriously? The premise of this 2013 film is this: One cheerleader dies during practice (nothing insidious…she falls on her head and it’s game over). Her best friend takes her place on the squad a year later with a hidden motive. To lay this out would sort of spoil the reveal, but what follows is a bunch of hot girls in tight outfits, jerky football players, death, undeath, humor, mistaken identity, witchcraft, and lesbian romance.

cheerleaders die glowing stones

Christa’s Review

All Cheerleaders Die was better than I expected. It had a bunch of stuff that is weird and gory and seems at first like just not-very-serious filmmaking, but then plot lines sort of come together and things make more sense. It’s some good, gory, fun. It didn’t scare me, but it’s worth a watch. Apparently there is a sequel that takes up immediately where the first film ends.

When Dudebro gets out the scythe...

Not scary, but gory.