31 Frightful Films – #8 Poltergeist (2015)

Let’s remake all the movies, said someone out of ideas. For this remake of Poltergeist, the premise remains the same: family moves into new home, but it’s already occupied by restless spirits who are especially drawn to the youngest member of the family. You’ve seen the original, yes? So this is just like that only with different people and more clowns. Really.

Christa’s Review

Harmless, but unnecessary. The only reason I could see for remaking this film would be if the original effects were so out of date that they have lost the ability to scare an audience. A) that isn’t the ┬ácase, and B) the new effects add nothing to the story or the film’s scare factor. I found the tree bits to be LESS frightening than the OG, and I really missed the little old lady medium. It turns out, not everyone in Hollywood is replaceable.

I was scared of the clown doll, though. And it’s not a bad film, taken as a stand-alone and not a remake.

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